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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hey everyone just flew back from Queens NY and boy are my arms tired 🤪🥸🥸

So, let’s recap! I am now doing a hybrid schedule, 1/2 in person 1/2 online… New schedule for classes online!

ONLINE….🤸🏽Thursday Pilates Foam Roller 10am (CST) could throw in mat occasionally.

ONLINE… Zumba 9am (CST) livestream AND in person at Dance Center Evanston. 🚦NOTE 🤡⏰NEW TIME🎯 masks 😷will be require.

ONLINE…Chair Pilates 🪑Monday 10am (CST)

Will miss this guy, but looking forward to getting back to work. If you want my in person schedule shoot me an email.

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