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How exciting that we get to have a proper thanksgiving holiday this year. It's been too long...

I am so thankful that we can be together with our friends and family without fear of illness. Grateful for vaccines.

Every year I am grateful for my students, clients and friends. YOU make Me successful, YOU inspire Me.

Since covid began you have all supported me far beyond my wildest dreams.

Online participation has kept us going.

Pilates keeps us strong and supple.

Zumba keeps our hearts singing.

Democracy is a gift.

So thank you.

Please mark your calendars.....I will be out of town helping my Daughter move from one state to another. Celebrating my Mothers 88th Bday! November 23-December 5th.

NO online sessions during that time. NO Zumba in person 11/26 and 12/3.

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