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Support Ukraine/Zumba Convention

Motanka Doll

It is known as a Ukrainian folk doll with embroidered design around the world, but for Ukrainians it has always been a real amulet and a symbol of authenticity and feminine wisdom. Its rich history proves (a doll has existed for over 5,000 years) that the motanka was not only a toy but a reliable guard for the Ukrainian people, because our ancestors believed in its miraculous power and protection from misfortunes and disagreements.

The process of manufacturing is also special as the doll itself, because every detail is important. Masters work only in good mood and with positive thoughts.

These souvenirs are made in Ukraine by Karina Voloshko. The fundraising price is $15.

The entire profit from the sales will be used to purchase protective equipment, medical supplies and humanitarian relief packages for people affected by war in Kharkiv region, Ukraine

Olga Rozhak will be in the studio at Dance Center Evanston (1936 Dempster St) on SATURDAY 8/6 at 8:45am before class with the dolls that you will be able to purchase. Hope you can stop by and say hi!

Thank you for your support! 🇺🇦


SUZY OUT 8/10-8/14

What’s it like? Watch this!

This is from 2016 when Zumba turned 10

The 16th annual Zumba Convention will take place in Orlando FL August 11-14. After 2 years it's back live in person. I will be attending so that........means......No classes Thursday August 11 and Saturday August 13th.


BUT! you can still redeem your FREE WEEK on my Sommos instructor page.

follow this link!

STEP 1. Follow me (check box that says follow)

STEP 2. scroll down the page to the boxes that show the video preview.

STEP 3. Click on a video of your choice.

STEP 4. click on first week free/ apply now then click BUY. You will have access to that video for 24 hours. you will then be able to repeat the same process for each video.

Do you have to register? No. Should you? Yes. no passwords to remember, just register. Do I have to enter a credit card? No, not yet. that will come soon I will give you tons of notice before that happens.

I will be moving to this platform once the Beta testing has been completed. I am helping them test, so try and get familiar with the page. Please give feedback about your experience. remember how hard it was to learn zoom? but you did it! you can do this too.


Finally one of our zoom regulars Lynn Sloan has a book coming out. Pre order now from (shop small)


Olga Rozhak will be in the studio on SATURDAY 8/ 8:45am before class with the dolls. Hope you can stop by and say hi, and purchase a doll.hase a doll.ase a a doll.e a doll. a doll.a doll. doll.doll.oll.ll.doll.oll.ll.oll.oll.ll.l..

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