Stuck at home? Special #TBZumba... this week with me!

We have a win! Now lets celebrate with some dancing. Join me this week on Zoom for two Zumba classes. Share with your friends. On Zoom, this week only!

Throw Back Zumba! (this week only) I'm coming up on 14 YEARS! sometimes I am referred to as a dinosaur Zumba instructor, sometimes an " OG"! Because when I started teaching Zumba there were NO other instructors! Lets relive the old days! I did my first zumba class in 2006 with Beto Perez, the creator and fell IN LOVE! I immediately started teaching at the Mcgaw YMCA one month later. Wendy and Cay have been taking classes with me ever since (they are OG's too) After 14 years I am still in LOVE! See why I fell in LOVE with this format. It just makes you smile.

Tuesday at 12:00 noon

Wednesday 10am

Here are the zoom codes for the two classes.

# TBZumba12:00 noon (CST)

Wednesday Throw back Zumba 10am (CST)

There is no cost to attend. If you want to donate you can do so here.

McGaw YMCA 2006


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