it's JULY!


4th of July is here people, is the summer half over or just begun?

Classes have been a smashing success at the Dance Center Evanston. Thank you for showing up and dancing with me.

We are not taking a break for the holiday, class will run at DCE on 7/3 at 10am.

Here is the current pricing for the live in person class.

Register on the website ( pay $12.00 deadline to pay, day before!

you can also VENMO me for Saturday class! Suzy_Crawford

Walk in $15 day of class.

Participate online virtually? Use your online package, deep dive or splash pass!

( or pay drop in. )

l will be taking the month to re-evaluate classes using attendance numbers. As things open up I may get job offers to teach in person. I will be taking those offers into consideration when deciding to keep or cancel any classes.

So far the classes that are solid are Chair Pilates on Monday, Foam roller on Wednesday and Zumba on Saturday.

Classes that are iffy are Zumba Wednesday 10am, Pilates mat on thursday at 10am.

Class that is cancelled as of July 1. Zumba toning on Monday at 4pm

It is helpful to me if you register the day before if you think you will be attending.

Stay Safe!

Thank the Native Americans for taking care of our country for centuries before we arrived.


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