Zumba Lovers! ATTENTION📌

Updated: Apr 22

I just want to clear up a few things....

  1. To get the $12.00 price for the Saturday class you HAVE to pre-register. Do that by logging into your account on my website and register and pay there. OR....you can pay me on FRIDAY thru Venmo or Paypal. If I have left the house on Saturday morning and your name is not on the pre printed list then the class price is $15.00

  2. PLEASE bring clean shoes into the studio. we must be respectful of our host. No outside shoes, save a pair of shoes just for your fitness classes!

  3. Tell others about the class!

  4. That is all , LOVE you! ❤️❤️

Venmo @Suzy-Crawford

PayPal SuzanneCrawford893

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