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Wyoming, Art Fairs and Liz Cheney

Hello! Guess what.... I am taking a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. I'll be leaving on July 13 and returning July 23rd, All classes are cancelled until I return. Hop onto my new platform I am testing and check out some of the online videos.

register here I'm teaching classes on Sommos

eventually I will be moving over to this platform so register today.

Make sure to drop by the Evanston sidewalk sale on the weekend of July 22,23,24 to visit with Ron and Sydney Crawford at the ARTEM gallery. They will be in town to meet and greet all their old friends, sell some artwork including originals, Artem gallery is located at 1627 Sherman in Evanston.


And finally sit down and write Liz Cheney a thank you card (make a donation if you can) She has been a key player in the January 6th Hearings. She deserves to hear that you support her and the risks she is taking to expose that Carnival Barker/Gangster for what he is. She and Adam Kinzinger need to know we support their effort.

Representative Liz Cheney

416 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515

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