What is your vote for NYE?

Thursday we will dance together. Let’s push this year OUT THE DOOR!!!! this past Saturday we played the songs we have been dancing to since covid started. I asked you to rate the ones you liked the best. I will use your suggestions to choose the songs for our free best of 2020 class. vote for up to 6, by number :

  1. blinding lights

  2. Tune In

  3. purrfect

  4. la roca (the queen)

  5. girls will be girls

  6. wata bam bam

  7. squat

  8. bailalo

  9. pa’ gozar

  10. mamacita

these are my choices, Let me know your favorites. Regina, Kristy and I hope to take you away from the absurdity of 2020! Let’s shake it for 75 minutes of fun! 🤩 . We welcome 2021 and the Age of Aquarius!

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