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June Updates! Are you Ready?

Greetings Mermaids and Mermen. Here are schedule updates for June.

June 12th No Zumba, will be back to NYC for Crawfords birthday!

Monday June 14th

No Chair Pilates


No Zumba Toning

still in NYC.

Return to IN PERSON Zumba at Dance Center Evanston

On June 19th I will return into the studio for live in person classes.

Saturday's at10am LOCATION: Dance Center Evanston. The studio is located at 1935 Dempster St. (In the Valli Produce shopping center) Please reserve your space by purchasing a live in person class on the web site. Choose "in person Zumba"


Pre Registration is required. space is limited...........but, this could change by then

You can still take the livestream class at 10am on Zoom, I will be live-streaming from the studio at the same time! Register for the Zoom class just like you have been doing all along.


In person LIVE Zumba at Palmhouse. 6pm Wednesday June 16th. $20 gets you class with these 3 Zumba divas, been dancing Zumba since 2006 and 2007. And a refreshing cocktail afterwards. Pre registration is highly recommended.

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Another changes to your schedule?

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