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June Happenings! 🌸🌺🌹🌻

1. First of all Happy Memorial Day. I will be teaching live Zumba in person on May 30th at the Evanston Athletic Club at 9 am. If you would like to attend class and are not a member please email me for a pass!

2. I will be visiting my Grandbaby from June 8-June 13. No classes during that time. I have already removed them from the calendar.

3. I will be changing the price of the Deep Dive option from my purchase plans on 5/31/22. All classes online will be $10. You can purchase a single class, 5 pack, or 10 pack. $10, $50, or $100. So buy those passes NOW before the price increase!

Subscribe and visit my YOUTUBE channel, you will find some free Pilates classes, and some funny entertaining Zumba videos. I got started on YOUTUBE when I was sharing my Aqua Zumba choreography, becoming somewhat of a celebrity in the early days of Aqua Zumba. SOON...I will be offering a paid option to access pre-recorded classes so you can take them at your convenience.




enjoy the weather, thank you for being part of my fitness team.

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